FBI training

FBI TrainingFBI training is important before taking the fitness test. The test is similar to a military PFT test, with the exception of sprints and shuttle runs. Learning what to expect and how to take the test will help the student pass. Strategy is important when taking the test. If the student has good strategy they will be able to succeed.

FBI Student Training

Eating plan — Eat and drink foods that are filled with carbohydrates. It will help give you energy. Each trainee has a different strategy of what they eat prior to the test. Some keep it healthy, by eating baby carrots and apples. Others like to drink chocolate milk because of the complex carbohydrates. Try these eating habits prior to the test, to see which works the best for you.

Warmup for running and situps — A light jog and stretch helps prepare the body. Work specifically on stretching out the legs and torso to prepare for sprints and situps.

First Event: max situps — It is important to pace yourself throughout the full minute. People fail by rushing the first 30 seconds of the situps. It takes 50 situps in a minute to pass. Set a goal of 55 situps and try to average 1 situp per second. In 15 seconds you should have 14 situps and keep that pace. Let gravity take affect when you are going down on each situp. Try to relax the stomach muscles during this process.

Situp/run workout — When training do 3-4 15 second situps and use a goal pace. Between each 15 second situp session, rest your torso with a 300 meter run.

Second Event: Timed 300m run — The 300 meter run is a sprint. At the start explode but try to keep an even pace. You want to be able to gain speed once you hit the 100 meter mark. Swing arms rapidly and try not to swing across body. Swinging your arms accross the body slows your speed. Take deep breathes through out the run. This helps your body gain momentum.

Third Event: Max pushups in 1 minute — Do not try to pace yourself during this exercise. Gravity tends to take control of your score. You need to use proper form. Straight arms, when extended and 90 degree bend, when going into the pushup. Let gravity take you down into the pushup, much like the situps. Less energy you use going down the more you have for pushing up.

Fourth Event: 1 1/2 mile run — The time to make is 10 minutes and 30 seconds. Try to pace yourself and average 7 minutes per mile. It will take several training episodes to make this score.

Each work out and strategy will help your FBI training. This training will help you succeed to be in the academy. Where online degrees and classes will be your next goal. Then before you know it, you could be making an FBI agent salary.